2021 Latin American Elections

In 2021, nine countries in Latin America hold elections—five of them presidential contests—while reeling from the pandemic's devastating impact. AS/COA tracks these elections through articles, poll updates, podcasts, and more. 

Ecuador: February 7, April 11 presidential runoff 
El Salvador: February 28
Chile: April 11—local elections and constitutional delegates, May 9 gubernatorial runoff; November 21—general election, December 19 presidential runoff
Peru: April 11, June 6 presidential runoff
Mexico: June 6
Argentina: August 8 primaries, October 24 general election
Paraguay: October 10
Nicaragua: November 7
Honduras: November 27


Meet the Candidates: Chile

Several presidential hopefuls have already thrown their hats in the ring for Chile’s November election.

Meet the Candidates: Peru

After last year's impeachment turmoil, Peruvians will likely choose one of these candidates as their next leader.

Approval Tracker: Mexico's President AMLO

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has maintained his popularity throughout the pandemic. As Mexico preps for June 2021 midterms, here’s how his approval looks over time.