Signature Programs
AS/COA Healthcare Series

AS/COA's Healthcare Series addresses key challenges and growing opportunities in healthcare across the Americas through private meetings with policy makers, roundtable discussions, and public forums.

AS/COA Tech Series

AS/COA's Tech Series features experts and leaders from the public and private sectors to discuss digital advances and innovative technology solutions for regional economic development.

Council of the Americas CFO Forums

The CFO Forums virtual series provides a space to our CFO community as executives respond to unprecedented disruptions that affect their companies’ finances and operations.

Latin American Cities Conferences

Each year, AS/COA hosts public conferences and private, off-the-record meetings focused on Latin American cities, providing a space for the public and private sectors to convene.

Presidents of the Americas

AS/COA's Presidents of the Americas series hosts heads of state from the Western Hemisphere in conjunction with opening debate of the UN General Assembly and throughout the year.

En Casa: The Series

Watch hundreds of original performances recorded from musicians' homes across the Americas during quarantine and beyond.


Raul Mourão’s CAGE HEAD

A sculpture by the Brazilian artist will be on view March 20 through November 5, 2023 on the mall at East 68th Street and Park Avenue.

Working Groups
Anti-Corruption Working Group

The AS/COA Anti-Corruption Working Group (AWG) is an action-oriented network focused on producing concrete results and contributing to the reduction of corruption in Latin America.

Cuba Working Group

CWG is at the forefront of changing U.S.-Cuba relations, and includes corporate leaders from the spheres of financial services, energy, telecommunications, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and law.

Data Governance Working Group

AS/COA's Data Governance Group (DGWG) convenes data-protection authorities and private companies to help guide policymakers, regulators, and advocates in the path moving forward after the pandemic.

Trade Advisory Group

COA's Trade Advisory Group comprises member representatives from the Council and invited experts who each educate and advocate for open markets and trade facilitation in the Western Hemisphere.

Venezuela Working Group

The Venezuela Working Group addresses the country's economic issues by bringing together key national and international players and a core group of individuals.