Poll Tracker: Chile's 2021 Presidential Runoff

By Holly K. Sonneland

See how the competition between Gabriel Boric and José Antonio Kast is shaping up ahead of the December 19 second round.

For all the flux in Chile’s current electoral moment, the polls by and large got it right ahead of the November 21 first-round presidential vote. Right-winger José Antonio Kast came out on top with 27.9 percent of the vote, just above the left’s Gabriel Boric with 25.8 percent. Three candidates landed in the 11 to 13 percent range, and two more were below 10 percent.

Voting is not mandatory in Chile, and turnout was an estimated 47.3 percent, based on the 7.1 million votes cast out of 15.0 million eligible voters. That’s about on par with the last presidential contest in 2017, which saw 46.6 percent turnout in the first round and 49.0 percent in the runoff.

Chileans will head to the polls again on December 19 to vote in the runoff. The winner will be inaugurated to a four-year term on March 11, 2022.

AS/COA Online tracks top pollsters ahead of the vote.