Poll Tracker: Peru's 2021 Presidential Runoff

By Holly K. Sonneland

See how the race between Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori is shaping up ahead of the June 6 vote.

After a muddled general election with 18 candidates, Peru’s presidential runoff between political novice Pedro Castillo on the left and political heiress Keiko Fujimori on the right is drawing sharp divisions among the electorate. Castillo’s win on April 11 with 18.9 percent of the vote to Fujimori’s 13.4 percent caught even the circumspect off guard, prompting many to consider how they might have overlooked voters outside Lima and in Peru’s interior regions, where Castillo draws the bulk of his support.

AS/COA Online looks at Datum and Ipsos Peru polling ahead of the June 6 vote.

This tracker was first published on April 19 and is updated as new polling data becomes available.