Approval Tracker: Mexico's President AMLO


Approval Tracker: Mexico's President AMLO

By Carin Zissis

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has maintained his popularity throughout the pandemic. As Mexico preps for June 2021 midterms, here’s how his approval looks over time.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador kicked off his six-year term in December 2018 with approval levels that would make most leaders green with envy. On top of that, the coalition headed by his Morena party holds a majority in both houses of Congress and most of Mexico’s 32 states. That’s a whole lot of carte blanche that raised questions about who—or what—will serve as a check and balance on López Obrador, frequently referred to as AMLO.

One test of his movement’s popularity will come with the midterm elections on June 6, 2021. Voters will select all 500 legislators in the Chamber of Deputies, governors in nearly half of the country’s 32 states, and local officials in most of the country. AMLO’s political party polls well when it comes to the lower house, but it remains to be seen how an opposition alliance could pose a challenge.

AS/COA Online tracks AMLO’s approval ratings from top pollsters.

This tracker was initially published March 19, 2019.