COVID-19 in Latin America

After more than a year of living with the pandemic, Latin America faces an evolving scenario of variant threats and vaccine rollouts.

AS/COA Online explores the impact of COVID-19 in the region, from covering how governments responded after the coronavirus landed, to charting the progress of vaccinations across countries.


The Coronavirus in Latin America

One year in, AS/COA Online’s tracker offers an in-depth look at governments’ responses to the pandemic from reopenings to curfews to vaccine rollouts.

Chart: One Year of COVID-19 in Latin America

The high volume numbers of countries like Brazil make headlines, but per capita rates show just how rapacious the disease’s spread has been in places like Panama and Mexico.

Gráfico: Un año de COVID-19 en América Latina

Los altos números en países como Brasil dominan los titulares, pero las tasas per cápita muestran cuán voraz ha sido la propagación de la enfermedad en lugares como Panamá y México.