2023 Latin American Elections

In 2023, three Latin American countries—Argentina, Guatemala, and Paraguay—held planned presidential votes, while a move by Ecuador’s president to dissolve the National Assembly resulted in early presidential and legislative elections in that country as well. Elsewhere in the region, voters participated in key elections, casting ballots on plebiscites or gubernatorial races in Colombia and Mexico. Over the course of 2023, AS/COA tracked these events through articles, poll updates, podcasts, and more.

The calendar:

Ecuador: February 5 plebiscite and local elections 

Cuba: March 25 legislative elections 

Paraguay: April 30 general elections 

Chile: May 7 constitutional representative elections, December 17 constitutional plebiscite 

Mexico: June 4 gubernatorial elections 

Guatemala: June 25 general elections, August 20 presidential runoff 

Ecuador: August 20 presidential and legislative elections, October 15 presidential runoff

Argentina: August 13 presidential primary, October 22 general elections, November 19 presidential runoff 

Colombia: October 29 gubernatorial and local elections 


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