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Colombia's Energy Renaissance

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Energy Action Group paper tells the story of how Colombia has revived its once flailing energy sector over the course of the last decade, developing into one of Latin America’s foremost destinations for investment in the oil and gas sector and securing a steady supply of electricity for its growing population. ... Read More

Energy in Peru: Opportunities and Challenges

Monday, May 31, 2010

The AS/COA Energy Action Group's new working paper explores the transformation of Peru’s oil and gas sector from an industry in decline to a major contributor for economic growth in Peru. The paper makes several recommendations based on Peru’s experience but intended for broader hemispheric consideration. ... Read More

Brazil Rising

Tuesday, September 30, 2008  |  Eric Farnsworth  |  Poder

In Poder, COA’s Eric Fansworth says Brazil "can no longer be taken for granted." He urges for the next U.S. administration to work with the emerging global power on matters ranging from trade negotiations to Iran's nuclear program to energy security. ... Read More

National Security in Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities on Energy Cooperation

Tuesday, March 11, 2008  |  Eric Farnsworth

In testimony before U.S. Congress, COA Vice President Eric Farnsworth says many countries in the Latin America lack the investment needed to maximize exploration, production, and distribution of their natural resources. Energy cooperation with Latin American countries should be part of the U.S. strategic agenda for the region. ... Read More

Video: Omar Gutiérrez, Gobernador de Neuquén

November 07, 2017

Las oportunidades de inversión energética en Vaca Muerta ya son una realidad, dijo el gobernador en una conferencia de AS/COA en Nueva York....

#CouncilARG 2017: Juan José Aranguren, Andrés Ibarra y el futuro de Argentina

August 24, 2017

Los ministros de energía, minería y modernización discutirón cómo integrar Argentina en el mercado global hoy....

Bogotá 2017 video: Panel sobre Colombia bajo los ojos de Wall Street

June 07, 2017

Expertos del sector energético y financiero presentaron sobre las areas más competitivas de Colombia....

Mexico 2017 Video: Rumbo a la integración energética de América del Norte

May 23, 2017

Panelistas hablaron de oportunidades de colaboración en el sector energético y la consolidación de la competitividad de la región....

Video: Extractive Industries in the Americas - Opportunities and Risks

March 27, 2017

IDB expert Ramón Espinasa discussed how to enable responsible investment across the hemisphere....

Video: The Western Hemisphere's Energy Landscape in 2017 and Beyond

December 07, 2016

Watch energy experts engage about infrastructure projects and resources, as well as changing policy conditions for the sector....

Video: The Price of Oil's Impact on Latin America and the Caribbean

February 19, 2015

Panelists discussed how oil prices affect regional growth projections, Petrocaribe, and Mexican energy reform.​...

Video: Shale Gas Development in Latin America

October 22, 2013

As a North American “shale revolution” continues, Latin American countries seek to develop their own shale resources. A COA panel explored the topic....

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Meetings and Events

  • Washington (March 27, 2017) Extractive Industries in the Americas – Opportunities and Risks. Watch a video of this event.
  • New York (December 7, 2016) The Western Hemisphere's Energy Landscape in 2017 and Beyond. Watch a video of this event.
  • Miami (October 19–20, 2015) Energy Conference – After the Fall: Energy Security, Sustainable Development and the Environment. Learn more about this event.
  • Washington (October 15, 2015) Private Roundtable: A Conversation with Dr. Víctor Urrutia Guardia, Panama’s Secretary of Energy. Learn more about this event here.
  • Houston (September 24, 2015) North America in Global Energy Markets: Infrastructure and Integration. Learn more about this event.
  • Houston (September 23, 2015) Private Breakfast on Mexico’s Round One Bidding with Lourdes Melgar, Undersecretary of Hydrocarbons of Mexico. Click to see the presentation.
  • Miami (July 28, 2015) Private Breakfast with Phillip Paulwell, Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining of Jamaica. Learn more about this event.
  • Miami (July 15, 2015) Energy Conference – Natural Gas in Central America and the Caribbean. Watch a video of this event, and read a program summary.
  • Washington (May 19, 2015) Private Roundtable: A Conversation with Ali Moshiri, Chevron President for Africa and Latin America.
  • New York (May 4, 2015) Mexico: Private Equity Energy Investment. Watch a video of the event.
  • Washington (April 27, 2015) Private Roundtable on Renewable Energy and Human Capital in Mexico with Leonardo Beltrán, Deputy Secretary for Energy Planning and Transition, Mexican Secretariat of Energy.
  • Washington (March 31, 2015) Venezuela: Political, Economic, and Energy Update. Watch a video of the event.
  • Washington (March 18, 2015) Paper Launch: Energy and the Pacific Alliance. Watch a video of the event, or read a program summary.
  • Washington (February 19, 2015) The Price of Oil’s Impact on Latin America and the Caribbean. Watch a video of this event, and read a program summary.
  • Washington (January 26, 2015) Caribbean Energy Security Summit, an initiative of the Office of the Vice-President. Read a program summary, and read the Caribbean Energy Security Summit Joint Statement here.
  • Washington (December 17, 2014) Long Term Oil Dynamics: The Price of Crude Oil, with Ramón Espinasa, Senior Oil and Gas Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank. Learn more about this event.
  • Bogota (December 9, 2014) Energy and the Pacific Alliance Roundtable.
  • New York (December 1, 2014) Energy Reform in Mexico: Challenges and Opportunities for Mexico’s New Energy Landscape. Watch a video of this event. 
  • Washington (November 13, 2014) Dinner Discussion with Dr. Lourdes Melgar, Undersecretary for Hydrocarbons, Mexican Secretariat of Energy. 
  • Santiago (October 20, 2014) Consulta Previa and Renewable Energy Production: Ensuring Community Participation and a Clear Framework for Investment. 
  • Washington (September 30, 2014) Private Luncheon on Venezuela’s Energy Sector with Dr. Thomas O’Donnell, professor, Freie Universität.
  • Washington (September 10, 2014) Representative Michael McCaul on North America Energy Integration and Mexican Energy Reform. Learn more about this event. 
  • Washington (July 30, 2014) North American Energy Integration: Mexico and Canada. Learn more about the event.
  • Washington (May 19, 2014) Asian Energy Investment in the Americas. Watch a video of the event, and read the program summary.
  • Mexico City (March 11, 2014) Mexico: Opportunities for Natural Gas and Renewables.
  • Calgary (December 3, 2013) North American Energy Integration: The Canadian Perspective.
  • Washington (October 22, 2013) Shale Gas Development in Latin America. See a video of the event here and read a program summary here.
  • Washington (September 5, 2013) Brazil’s Energy Agenda – Launch of Energy Action Group Working Paper. See a video of the event here and read a program summary here.
  • Washington (July 30, 2013) Financing Renewable Energy in Latin America. Read a program summary here.