2024 Latin American Elections

In 2024, six Latin American countries—El Salvador, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, and Uruguay—are set to pick presidents in general elections. The United States, with roughly 34.5 million Latino voters, will also head to the polls. 

AS/COA is tracking these races—as well as other regional legislative and local elections—through articles, explainers, poll trackers, podcasts, and more.

The calendar:

El Salvador: February 4 presidential and legislative elections; March 3 municipal elections and possible presidential runoff

Panama: May 5 general elections

Dominican Republic: February 18 municipal elections; May 19 presidential and legislative elections with June 30 possible presidential runoff

Mexico: June 2 general elections

Venezuela: July 28 presidential elections

Brazil: October 6 municipal elections; October 27 possible runoffs for mayors in large cities

Chile: October 27 municipal elections

Uruguay: October 27 general elections; November 24 possible presidential runoff

United States: November 5 general elections