Brazilian artist Luedji Luna.

Brazilian artist Luedji Luna.


En Casa: El próximo capítulo

By Sebastián Zubieta

The Music of the Americas video series brought art into homes when we needed it most. Support the next chapter of En Casa and let’s keep the music alive!

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When the world shut down in March 2020, concert halls and performance spaces did too. In the blink of an eye, we could no longer share art with each other in person, and many performers were cut off from their livelihoods. But, in the middle of all that darkness, art continued—it was just a matter of finding a new way to share it.

The very next month, Music of the Americas launched En Casa, or “at home,” a video series in which artists from all over Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada performed original and classic songs from their homes, that we then shared, bridging the distances imposed on us, and bringing music into our own homes, wherever we were. In the 25 months since, Music of the Americas has commissioned more than 250 En Casa performances—everything from joropo to choro, candombe to gwo-ka—performances that have created a vibrant community at a time when we couldn’t physically be together, especially over on Facebook. The project also has provided artists with crucial financial support when they’ve needed it most.

En Casa: The Series

Watch hundreds of original performances recorded from musicians' homes across the Americas during quarantine and beyond.

Now, we’re beginning to hold and attend live performances again. But we want to keep En Casa going. Because, even though we can go out again, there are still physical distances between New York and Neuquén, Santiago and Santo Domingo, Bogotá and Belo Horizonte. And we want this wonderful community to continue—and we want you to be a part of it!

We’re working to raise $25,000—an amount that will cover a full year’s worth of En Casa performances. The amount you give is totally up to you—and we’re grateful for every dollar, peso, and colón.

Your support for Music at Americas Society today will help us build and foster a more robust En Casa community. And hopefully too, you can visit us once again in person en nuestra casa whenever you are in New York.

So let’s keep the music alive and together celebrate all that our hemisphere has to offer.

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