Recuerdos: The Series

Watch memorable past Music of the Americas performances at Americas Society.

When the pandemic hit and Americas Society was forced to close our 680 Park Avenue building, as happened to venues across the world, we had to find a way to continue to connect with our audiences and supporting the musicians who are part of our community.

With that in mind, we created a new series: Recuerdos (Memories), which involved going into our archives and grabbing excerpts from memorable past performances at Americas Society, some of which we had never released. Recuerdos made us take a deep look into our old concert videotapes, and we found 25 jewels that we had not had the chance to share with our audience from concerts that happened as early as 2001. At the same time, we proposed to the musicians whom we had programmed for the spring and fall of 2020 to move their appearances into the virtual world, which resulted in full-length virtual concerts that included gaucho superstars Renato Borghetti and Yamandu Costa, the premieres of Pauchi Sasaki's k'uku and the online version of Sergio Policicchio's production of Claude Vivier's opera Kopernikus, new music from Mexico and Argentina by counter)induction, two videos by Magos Herrera, Brooklyn Rider, and Mathias Kunzli, and a concert by Ecuadoran Kichwa singer Mariela Condo.

We are very happy to have been able to bring music from their homes to yours almost daily, and give much-needed financial support to the musicians worldwide in doing so. If you would like to join us as we bring this music to life and support these artists and their work, become a member of Americas Society today

You can also watch videos from our series, En Casa (At Home), which features original performances recorded in quarantine from musicians around the Americas.