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Political Representation & Social Inclusion: A Comparative Study of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Guatemala

Does the increased presence of Indigenous and Afro-descendant representatives in Latin American legislatures make a difference in policy outcomes and laws for those populations? This white paper presents findings across four countries in select national congresses and assemblies from 1986 to 2012.

Bringing Youth into Labor Markets: Public-Private Efforts amid Insecurity and Migration
/ Matthew Aho, Jason Marczak, Tatiana Petrone, and Karla Segovia

This white paper presents findings on ways to ease youth access to labor markets in Mexico and El Salvador, with lessons for the region as a whole. It draws attention to private-sector initiatives that promote youth employment through skills training, entrepreneurship, and support of at-risk youth.

Taking Youth to Market: Expanding Formal Labor Market Access through Public-Private Collaboration
/ Matthew Aho, Richard André, Isabela Echeverry, Veronica Roca-Rey

This white paper presents findings on easing access to labor markets for disadvantaged youth, drawing attention to innovative programs that promote formal employment in Colombia and Peru. Research was carried out by the Americas Society’s Social Inclusion program.


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