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Poll Update: Guatemala's 2019 Presidential Race 

June 14, 2019

4.9% = Points by which Sandra Torres rose in polls after Guatemalan courts invalidated the candidacies of Thelma Aldana and Zury Ríos—who'd been pulling in a combined 18.6% support. An #Elecciones2019GT poll update:
23% = Share of voters polled who say they intend to vote for Sandra Torres for president in Guatemala's June 16 general elections. 34% = Share of voters who say they'll never vote for her. An #Elecciones2019GT poll update:

Former First Lady of Guatemala Sandra Torres—who divorced her husband so that she could be allowed to run for president in 2011—is hoping the third time’s the charm. The National Unity of Hope (UNE) party’s candidate enjoys a double-digit lead in one of the last major presidential polls to come out before June 16 general elections. But, if history is any indication, the polls shouldn’t let her rest easy. In the last presidential race in 2015, the early polling frontrunner didn’t even make the runoff. (Torres did make that runoff but lost in a landslide to Jimmy Morales.)  

With those disclaimers understood, AS/COA Online takes a look at Gallup’s last poll on Guatemala’s presidential race ahead of this Sunday’s vote.