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A Guide to 2019 Latin American Elections: Guatemala



On June 16, some 7.6 million Guatemalans were eligible to vote for president, vice president, the entire 160-seat Congress, and 340 mayors. After a race that saw multiple top-tier candidates eliminated via questionable court decisions, voters had to choose between former First Lady Sandra Torres and ex-penitentiary director Alejandro Giammattei in an August 11 runoff. Turnout hit just 42 percent during the second round, which Giammattei—a four-time candidate who came in second to Torres in the first round—won with 58 percent of the vote. 

On January 14, 2020, Giammattei will take the reins from Jimmy Morales, a former comedian who won in 2015 by making anti-corruption pledges. Instead, his government found itself tainted by corruption allegations and witnessed the end of the UN’s International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala—or CICIG. Morales now has one of the lowest approval ratings in the Americas.

Guatemalan presidents can only serve a single four-year term.

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Alejandro Giammattei (AP)

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