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2019 Latin American Cities Conferences: Buenos Aires

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

August 21, 2019


In partnership with:

Americas Society and Council of the Americas, in partnership with the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, will host its sixteenth annual Latin American Cities Conference in Buenos Aires. This conference will bring together government officials and distinguished leaders from the country and across the Americas, days after the August 11 primary elections and with a look toward the October 27 general elections.

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In collaboration with: Asociación de Bancos Públicos y Privados de la República Argentina (ABAPPRA), Asociación de Bancos de la Argentina (ABA), Asociación Empresaria Argentina (AEA), Asociación de Bancos Argentinos (ADEBA), ARGENCON, Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires (BCBA), Unión Industrial Argentina

Registration Fee: USD $120.00 for AS/COA members and other collaborating organizations; USD $170.00 for nonmembers.

Prior registration is required.

Note: This conference will be held in Spanish.

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Event Information: Adán Toledo | | 212-277-8387
Sponsorship Opportunities: Ana Calderon | | 1-212-277-8358
COA Corporate Membership: Mila Fontana | | 1-212-277-8331
Note: To view a list of COA corporate members, please click here.
Press Inquiries:
Cancellation: Contact Juan Serrano-Badrena at before 3:00 p.m. on Monday, August 19.