A Guide to 2019 Latin American Elections: Bolivia

After weeks of protests and turmoil sparked by a controversial October 20 vote that gave him a fourth term in office, Evo Morales resigned on November 10. Morales, Latin America’s longest continuously serving president, had overcome legal obstacles to get on the ballot in 2019 and run for a fourth, five-year term on the Movement toward Socialism ticket. This year, he was challenged by Carlos Mesa, a former journalist and historian who served as president from 2003 to 2005. After preliminary results indicated a runoff would take place, a complete count was delayed and, when resumed, showed Morales with enough support to secure an outright first-round win. The results led to nationwide protests that only intensified until Morales’ resignation.

Voters also elected 130 deputies and 36 senators to the 2020–2025 legislative session.

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