Chart: The Millennial Vote in Latin America's Big Three Elections

By Elizabeth Gonzalez

How significant is the under-35 electorate in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico? 

Youth in Latin America may be on the front lines when it comes to taking to the streets and leading national movements, but they sometimes take a back seat when it comes to turning out on Election Day. Still, they have a chance to play a decisive electoral role in countries where a good chunk of the electorate is under 35. That could be the case in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, the three biggest countries holding presidential elections in 2018.

While the millennial cohort is defined in varying ways, Pew Research determines it to include persons born between 1981 and 1996. That would include those voting this year who are anywhere from 22 to 37 years old. For the purposes of streamlining the data provided by the different governments, we explore the overall youth voter cohort below 35 years old. In the case of Brazil, that amounts to 36 percent of registered voters, while it’s as much as 40 percent in Mexico.

We highlight some voter demographics as well as youth voting habits.