The Immigration and Integration Initiative advances the integration of immigrants and promotes positive dialogue around the economic contributions of immigrants and Latinos overall across the United States.

Immigration and Integration Initiative


The Immigration and Integration Initiative works with the business community, public sector, and civil society in new gateway cities and across the United States to advance the integration of immigrants and promote positive dialogue around the economic contributions of immigrants in the United States.

Launched in 2007, the initiative creates opportunities for business leaders and policymakers to raise awareness of the economic benefits that come as a result of changing demographics in various U.S. cities. Through roundtable meetings, public forums, and corresponding research, AS/COA addresses ways in which to facilitate integration and move forward inclusive immigration policy in recognition of the corresponding link with economic competiveness and the benefits to society overall.

Over the last seven years, the initiative has established a national network of businesses, policymakers, and community groups in cities across the country including Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Nashville, New Orleans, Omaha, and Portland. In 2014, AS/COA is continuing this work with a variety of partners to convene private and public meetings in Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, New Orleans, and New York City and to produce new, original research on immigration and the economy.

AS/COA believes that informing the debate on immigration policy with facts on how immigrants contribute to vibrant, dynamic, and competitive economies at the local, state, and national level will ultimately help advance immigration reform.

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AS thanks Rockefeller Brothers Fund for its support and Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Corporation of New York for their past support of this initiative.

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