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Maria Lourdes Teran Gallo

Vice President, AS/COA Miami

Maria Lourdes Teran Gallo is vice president of the Americas Society/Council of the Americas and head of the AS/COA Miami office. With over 25 years of experience working with Latin America, she leads business-relevant public policy programs in Miami engaging public- and private-sector leaders, NGOs, foundations, and academics on a range of business and policy issues as well as C-level leadership forums for CEOs and CFOs of major multilatinas and multinational companies across the Western Hemisphere. Teran Gallo leads corporate membership, strategic partnerships, and alliances for AS/COA Miami, in addition to building the BRAVO Leadership Forums series and the annual Symposium & BRAVO Business Awards and in-country programs in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Peru. Prior to joining AS/COA in 2016, she was managing director for Latin Trade Group, overseeing international relations, business operations, strategy development, and revenue growth across all the divisions of the company including print, digital, special projects, and programing. She also worked in the finance and technology sectors through her positions at Citigroup (formerly Grupo Financiero Uno) in Central America and at Latin Finance publishing group. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

Contributions from Maria Lourdes Teran Gallo

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