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Timeline: Brazil's 2018 Elections

May 22, 2018

Following Brazil's elections this year? Be sure to bookmark this handy timeline of key dates, from publicity windows to court deadlines to debate schedules and more. @luisaleme charts #Eleições2018:
2018 is the first year private companies are not permitted to contribute to Brazilian federal and state campaigns, which will now get most of their funds instead from the federal government. On June 18, we'll find out how big that budget is.

The leading presidential candidate is sitting in jail. A right-wing candidate from a minor party who draws comparisons to Donald Trump is rising in the polls. More than 90 percent of the deputies named in Lava Jato are running for reelection.

Brazil’s 2018 election scenario is fraught with difficult questions. Will ex-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva—who polls predict would win the elections should he be allowed to run for office today—be on the ballot? If not, will his party support another candidate? Will social media and outsiders play a more decisive role than television or party coalitions in electoral outcomes?

We’ll start getting some of the answers along the path to the October 7 first-round vote. Here are important dates to keep in mind along the way.