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Approval Tracker: Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro

December 09, 2019

Though Jair Bolsonaro's approval took an early hit, Brazilians still have hope for his government’s future success. @luisaleme gathers the poll data in our new presidential approval tracker as the president marks 100 days in office:
Do you or don't you trust President Jair Bolsonaro? What are Brazil's biggest challenges for this government? Is pension reform necessary? @luisaleme looks at how Brazilians are evaluating the new government across 4 pollsters:

Jair Bolsonaro won Brazil’s presidency with 55 percent of the vote, backed by supporters fed up with insecurity, corruption, and the country’s political status quo. But after disagreements with Congress and inside his own cabinet that made difficult for passing his economic agenda into legislation, as well as hurdles such as as corruption accusations inside his family and party, and culture wars over Twitter, Brazil had seen a bumpy start for Bolsonaro's government.

While his approval took a hit early in office, Brazilians still have hope for his government’s future success. Will he make good on those expectations? AS/COA Online tracks Bolsonaro’s approval ratings from four top pollsters.

This tracker was initially published April 10, 2019.