Art at Americas Society

Art at Americas Society presents public artworks from artists across the Americas to hang from the flagpole placed on the exterior of our building on 68th Street.

Elektra KB, Bandera sin miedo, 2024. Courtesy of the artist

Elektra KB, Bandera sin miedo, 2024. (Courtesy of the artist)

Art at Americas Society Flag Series


Inaugurated in 2020, Art at Americas Society's Flag Series presents public artworks from artists across the Americas. Artists are invited to create works to hang from the flagpole placed on the exterior of our building on 68th Street and encounter New York City audiences. Five artists—from Guatemala, Chile, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Colombia—have presented their artworks in the series thus far.

Incorporating public artwork furthers Americas Society’s engagement with the surrounding community in New York, creating opportunities for new dialogues between artists of the Americas and our local audience.

On Now


Bandera sin miedo, 2024

Elektra KB, 2024

June 5, 2024 - September 3, 2024

History of the Series:

El Dorado

El Dorado

Luis Romero, 2023

September 6, 2023 - May 18, 2024 

Luis Romero created El Dorado (2023) after realizing that most flags and emblems in the Americas used images that referred to idyllic representations of territory.



New Brazilian Flag

The New Brazilian Flag #3  

Raul Mourão, 2018

January 24 - July 22, 2023

Raul Mourão's presentation for the Winter and Spring of 2023, The New Brazilian Flag #3 (2018), is part of a series of works he started in 2018.




nibia pastrana santiago, 2021

September 6 - December 21, 2022 

For Americas Society’s Flag Series, nibia pastrana santiago creates a new version of “YOUR ISLAND HERE” (2019).


Estrella Distante

Estrella Distante

Felipe Mujica

February 8 - July 30, 2022 

The two rotating flags Estrella Distante by Felipe Mujica (b. Santiago, Chile; 1974) propose an abstract reinterpretation of an ancient Mapuche flag, which consists of a white guñelve—an eight-pointed star—over a colorful background.



Amarica: Todas invertidas 

Esvin Alarcón Lam, 2019

February 14 - May 16, 2020 

The inaugural flag, Amarica: Todas invertidas by Esvin Alarcón Lam incorporates a version of each national flag from Latin America and the Caribbean washed in pink.


Americas Society acknowledges the generous support from the Arts of the Americas Circle members: Amalia Amoedo, Almeida e Dale Galeria de Arte, Estrellita B. Brodsky, Virginia Cowles Schroth, Emily A. Engel, Isabella Hutchinson, Carolina Jannicelli, Diana López and Herman Sifontes, Antonio Murzi, Gabriela Pérez Rocchietti, Marco Pappalardo and Cintya Poletti Pappalardo, Carolina Pinciroli, Erica Roberts, Patricia Ruiz-Healy, Sharon Schultz, and Edward J. Sullivan.