Video: Fintech Entrepreneurship in Latin America

“Financial inclusion results in deeper democracy,” said Argentine entrepreneur Pierpaolo Barbieri in our regional expert panel.


  • Victoria Albanesi, Founder and Partner, Albanesi Tech & Legal Consulting
  • Pierpaolo Barbieri, Founder and CEO, Ualá
  • Hanna Schiuma, Founder, bankHer, and Partner at PRACK Asset Management
  • Jorgelina do Rosario, Editor, Bloomberg (moderator)

Young Professionals of the Americas hosted a panel of fintech experts to discuss the way the industry is growing and changing in Latin America, given a world with adjusting financial needs amid a pandemic. Panelists spoke about the importance of universal financial inclusion in Latin America, with Hanna Schiuma talking about her work in finding systemic solutions to help women in the region find financial independence. Pierpaolo Barbieri spoke about the need for Latin America to access its own capital markets and the need for universal banking. Panelists spoke about how COVID-19 is also changing the financial landscape, and as Victoria Albanesi noted, it is “showing financial authorities that fintech is an industry that can bring essential services to people in crisis mode.” The panelists concurred that collaboration, as it contributes to healthy competition, is key to the future of fintech.