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Fintech Entrepreneurship in Latin America

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

June 2, 2020



The region is renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit and leading innovation ecosystems, but the COVID-19 crisis has pushed consumers in cash-dependent nations like Argentina to move to formal online banking systems and wallet apps. The fintech boom is vital to improving financial inclusion among the most vulnerable populations in Latin America, and to fostering transparency and efficiency across financial systems.

Join YPA for a public, on-the-record interview on fintech in the region. 


  • Victoria Albanesi, Founder and Partner, Albanesi Tech & Legal Consulting
  • Pierpaolo Barbieri, Founder and CEO, Ualá @pbarbieri
  • Hanna Schiuma, Founder, bankHer, and Partner at PRACK Asset Management @HannaSchiuma
  • Jorgelina do Rosario, Editor, Bloomberg @jdorosario (moderator)

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Victoria Albanesi

Founder and partner, Albanesi Tech Legal Consulting

Victoria Albanesi is the founder and partner of Albanesi Tech Legal Consulting. The firm provides legal consulting services to companies of the digital economy. She provides sophisticated, high quality advice to domestic and international companies regarding the regulatory and legal aspects of their innovative businesses, including e- commerce, digital payments, financial technologies, and last-mile logistics. Albanesi was a legal director for Mercado Libre in Mexico, the largest e-commerce ecosystem in Latin America.

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Pierpaolo Barbieri

Founder and CEO, Ualá

Pierpaolo Barbieri is the founder and CEO of Ualá, executive director at Greenmantle, a macroeconomic and geopolitical consulting firm, and senior associate at the Applied History Center of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He was also Chief Strategist of the Brevan Howard Argentina Fund. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Barbieri studied at Harvard University, where he graduated magna cum laude and his senior honors thesis was awarded the Thomas T. Hoopes ’19 prize. He was elected Lt.

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Hanna Schiuma

Founder, bankHer

Hanna Schiuma is the founder of bankHer, a social network bank for women in Brazil. She is also partner at PRACK Asset Management, a quant hedge fund in Argentina. Schiuma is a member of the Argentina Fintech Chamber. She is an advocate for women's economic empowerment. 

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Jorgelina do Rosario

Editor, Bloomberg News

Jorgelina do Rosario is a Bloomberg News editor based in Buenos Aires, a position she has held since 2018. She reports in English and Spanish on Argentina's government affairs and economy, and specializes in the coverage of the sovereign debt restructuring. Before joining Bloomberg, do Rosario started her journalism career as a business reporter at El Cronista Comercial newspaper in 2009, and then joined Infobae news outlet as economy editor in 2012.

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Video: Fintech Entrepreneurship in Latin America

June 02, 2020

“Financial inclusion results in deeper democracy,” said Argentine entrepreneur Pierpaolo Barbieri in our regional expert panel....