Each year, AS/COA hosts public conferences and private, off-the-record meetings throughout Latin America, creating spaces for the public and private sectors to convene.


2023 Latin American Cities Conferences Buenos Aires. (Photo by Pablo Lasansky)

Latin American Cities Conferences


For over 25 years, Americas Society/Council of the Americas (AS/COA) has traveled to key Latin American cities to host public conferences and private, off-the-record meetings for AS/COA members. 

By building on its established reputation and relationships in the region, every year, AS/COA organizes six to eight conferences and missions, bringing together high-level decision makers from the public and private sectors to address pressing national and regional issues. These public conferences are complemented by private meetings and roundtables for AS/COA members, leading government officials, and senior-level business executives. 

Conferences are typically broadcast online and garner local and international media coverage. AS/COA members have the opportunity for involvement through year-long or conference-specific sponsorship opportunities.

Join us in 2024 in the following cities:

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