Alejandra Seeber: Interior with Landscapes

Misiones / Urquiza Iapacho y algodon / bambu y cubo magico, 2004

Misiones / Urquiza Iapacho y algodon / bambu y cubo magico, 2004

Alejandra Seeber: Interior with Landscapes

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In summer 2024, Americas Society will present the first solo exhibition and career survey of the Argentine artist, Alejandra Seeber, in New York. Alejandra Seeber (b. 1969, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a painter who centers representations of various spaces to explore the tension between representation and abstraction in painting. Seeber utilizes bold color and gesture to examine liminal spaces within built and domestic environments. Later work veers further into abstraction, implementing visual devices like Rorschach drawings or knit grids to structure the composition. 

The exhibition will pair these paintings with Seeber’s contemporary explorations of the built landscape with an installation. This survey of her work is organized around a playable golf course installed inside the gallery space in which visitors will be invited to play golf as they walk through the show. The golf obstacles become active sculptures in the exhibition, creating porous boundaries between artwork and audience. This playful environment manifests the explorations of edges, doorways, windows, and borders in the artist’s painting. As they play, visitors will be able to trace Seeber’s artistic trajectory and see how her interventions in the form and practice of painting continue to this day. 

To accompany the show, we will present a series of public programs and publish a catalogue. 

This exhibition is curated by Aimé Iglesias Lukin. 

Minigolf production: Iair Rosenkranz

Minigolf mats: Lalana Rugs by Florencia Cherñajovsky

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This project will be the third exhibition in an ongoing series focusing on understudied or underrepresented women and women-identifying artists from the Americas, which began in 2022 with an exhibition of Mexican sculptor Geles Cabrera and continued in 2023 with an exhibition on Chilean interdisciplinary artist Sylvia Palacios Whitman.

Works in the Exhibition
Preview Interior with fgt

Interior with fgt

Preview Plantambor


Preview Huge Knitt

Huge Knitt

Preview Sculptures, Mirror, Pineapple, Presence

Sculptures, Mirror, Pineapple, Presence

Preview Interior with On! tKdotW!

Interior with On! tKdotW!