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Free Digital Guide on Bloomberg Connects

Find Art at Americas Society on the app to enhance your visitor experience.

Explore Art at Americas Society with our digital guide on Bloomberg Connects, the free arts and culture app. Our guide takes you behind the scenes of our art program with exclusive multimedia perspectives from artists, curators, and more. Use the app to plan your visit, then easily access helpful insights on-site. Dive deeper into your favorite works at home–or anywhere, anytime!

Featured on our Bloomberg Connects guide: 

  • Read about and watch the history of the 680 Park Avenue building, a New York Historic landmark. 
  • Watch exclusive interviews with artists featured in our exhibitions and read their bios before or during your visit. 
  • Explore exhibition artworks even before visiting our gallery and find them later using the Bloomberg Connects map during your visit. 
  • Find out more about our upcoming public programs

Accessing the App 

Download the app on your mobile or tablet. Once downloaded, search for “Art at America Society.”








About Bloomberg Connects 

The Bloomberg Connects app is a free digital guide showcasing cultural organizations around the world, making it easy to access and engage with arts and culture from mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. The app allows you to explore over 150 collections from botanical gardens, performance venues, outdoor sculpture parks, and museums around the world.

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