Behind Alejandra Seeber: Interior with Landscapes

By Luisa Leme

Watch the artist in her studio talk about the process behind her exhibition, opening on June 5 at Americas Society.

"The authorship of painting sometimes scares people because you are in front of this personality that this painter tries to show you. And while you're playing, this doesn't impose the same way." That's how Alejandra Seeber explains her idea of having audiences play while viewing art. The Argentine painter, who has lived in New York now for 24 years, opened her studio to show the making of Alejandra Seeber: Interior with Landscapes, a new exhibition of her work opening at Americas Society on June 5. 

Seeber explains that although she uses painting as a language and brings her life into color and canvas, her work also involves having viewers look at her paintings from new angles. "I like to propose situations where you can be looking to painting from different parts of the eye, not just frontally," she says. In this case, the artist created a mini golf field as a built landscape in which viewers will be able to play while seeing her mid-career survey of paintings on the gallery walls. The show presents her interiors and exteriors to explore the tension between representation and abstraction in painting. Seeber adds more: she designed ceramics and glass pieces that will work as obstacles in the mini-golf field. "When I began painting interiors, that led me to design objects, glass, and different things that could come out from the interiors."

Alejandra Seeber: Interior with Landscapes is on view at Americas Society from June 5 through July 27, 2024.
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This exhibition is curated by Aimé Iglesias Lukin and is the third exhibition in an ongoing series focusing on understudied or underrepresented women and women-identifying artists from the Americas, beginning in 2022 with an exhibition of Mexican sculptor Geles Cabrera and continuing in 2023 with an exhibition on Chilean interdisciplinary artist Sylvia Palacios Whitman