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Argentina Investment Conference 2017

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

November 7, 2017


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AS/COA, in partnership with BlackRock, is pleased to present the Argentina Investment Conference 2017, featuring a keynote address by Laurence Fink, chairman and CEO of BlackRock, and Federico Sturzenegger, president of the Central Bank of Argentina.

After less than two years in office, the administration of President Mauricio Macri has moved rapidly to normalize relations with the world, advancing major economic reforms to encourage investment and economic growth.

The conference will take place after Argentina’s legislative midterm elections on October 22, decisive for the future of Macri’s administration. In this new context, what is Argentina’s economic and political outlook? What are the most promising opportunities and key considerations for businesses looking to establish or expand their operations in Argentina? What are the growth prospects of Argentina’s main sectors, and what policies and measures have been enacted recently to attract foreign investment?

This strategic, by invitation-only event will bring together senior policymakers, investors, and international and national business leaders for a forward-looking and insightful discussion.

Confirmed Speakers:*

  • Federico Sturzenegger, President, Central Bank of Argentina @fedesturze
  • Omar Gutiérrez, Governor of the Neuquén Province, Argentina @OmarGutierrezOk
  • Francisco Alvarez-Demalde, Founder and Managing Partner, Riverwood Capital Partners
  • Katia Bouazza, Head of Latin America, HSBC @HSBC
  • Eduardo Elsztain, Chairman and CEO, IRSA 
  • Laurence Fink, Chairman and CEO, BlackRock @blackrock
  • Pablo Goldberg, Managing Director, Head of Research and Portfolio Manager, Emerging Market Debt, BlackRock @blackrock
  • Marcelo Mindlin, Chairman and CEO, Pampa Energía @pampaenergia
  • John Authers, Senior Investment Commentator, Financial Times (Moderator) @johnauthers 
  • Susan Segal, President and CEO, Americas Society/Council of the Americas @s_segal

*Additional speakers to be confirmed.

This event is complimentary and by invitation only. Space is limited.

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Francisco Alvarez-Demalde

Founding Partner, Riverwood Capital

Francisco Alvarez-Demalde is the founder and managing partner of Riverwood Capital, and head of Riverwood’s New York office and its Latin America efforts. Prior to establishing Riverwood, Mr. Alvarez-Demalde was an investment executive at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR) and Eton Park, where he focused on private equity investments in the technology industry and other sectors in North America, Latin America, and other emerging markets.  Previously, he was with Goldman, Sachs & Co.

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John Authers

Senior Editor for Markets, Bloomberg News

John Authers is a senior editor for markets at Bloomberg News. Previously, he spent 29 years with the Financial Times, where previous posts have included global head of the Lex Column, chief markets commentator, investment editor, U.S. markets editor, Mexico City bureau chief, and U.S. banking correspondent. He is the author of The Fearful Rise of Markets and other books. Authers has a degree in philosophy, politics, and economics from the University of Oxford and an MBA from Columbia University.

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Katia Bouazza

Head of Latin America, Global Banking, HSBC

Katia Bouazza is the head of global banking for latin america, leading HSBC’s client coverage across all sectors, as well as the origination and execution of financing solutions for the region. Based in New York City, she is responsible for HSBC’s coverage and product teams in the U.S and Latin America, including Corporate, Financials and Multinationals Banking, Debt and Equity Capital Markets, Leveraged & Acquisition Finance, Syndicate Loans, Infrastructure and Real Estate Group, and Advisory.

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Eduardo Elsztain

Chairman and CEO, IRSA

Eduardo Elsztain is chairman of IRSA, IRSA Commercial Properties, Banco Hipotecario, BACS, CRESUD, and BrasilAgro. He is also chairman of IDB Development, a leading Israeli conglomerate in various sectors, and of the mining exploration company Austral Gold. Elsztain is co-founder of Endeavor Argentina and serves as vice president of the World Jewish Congress. He is president of IRSA Foundation and is also a member of the World Economic Forum, the Group of 50, and the Argentina Business Association, among others.

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Laurence D. Fink

Founder, Chairman and CEO, BlackRock

Laurence D. Fink is founder, chairman and CEO of BlackRock, Inc. He also leads the firm’s Global Executive Committee. Fink and seven partners founded BlackRock in 1988, and under his leadership the firm has grown into a global leader in investment management, risk management and advisory services for institutional and retail clients. Fink was named one of the "World’s Most Respected Leaders" by Fortune in 2016, "CEO of the Decade" by Financial News in 2011, and one of the "World's Best CEO's" by Barron's for 10 consecutive years.

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Pablo Goldberg

Managing Director, Head of Research and Portfolio Manager, Emerging Market Debt, BlackRock

Pablo Goldberg is managing director, head of research, and portfolio manager for BlackRock's emerging market debt team. Goldberg's responsibilities include formulating alpha generating research, developing investment strategies, and serving as a voting member of the team's investment committee. Based in New York, he also focuses on engaging with the Americas-based clients and growing the firms' emerging market fixed income business in the U.S. and rest of the Americas.

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Omar Gutiérrez

Governor of the Province of Neuquén

Omar Gutiérrez has been the governor of the Province of Neuquén since December 2015. He has been recently reelected for a second term from 2019 to 2023. He is affiliated with the political party Movimiento Popular Neuquino (MPN). Previously, he was the minister of Economy and Public Works for the Province of Neuquén from October 2011 to December 2015. Gutiérrez also served as chairman of the board for the Banco de la Provincia de Neuquén for six years.

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Marcelo Mindlin

Managing Director and Director of Pampa Energy Inc.

Marcelo Mindlin is managing director and director of Pampa Energy Inc. From 1989, Mindlin has been the founding partner and chairman of "Grupo EMES" (formerly Grupo Dolphin S.A.), one of the largest private equity and institutional investors in Argentina. Grupo EMES is the controlling shareholder of Pampa Energía S.A. and of Grupo Orígenes. From June 2006 to 2013, he acted as president and chairman of the board of directors of the company. Since 1989, he has been founding shareholder and senior portfolio manager of Grupo Dolphin S.A.

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Frederico Sturzenegger

President, Central Bank of Argentina

Federico Sturzenegger is the governor of the Central Bank of Argentina. Prior to his current role, he served as a national deputy and was the president of the Bank of the City of Buenos Aires. From 1995 to 1998, Sturzenegger was the chief economist of YPF.

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Susan Segal

President and CEO, Americas Society/Council of the Americas

Susan Segal was elected president and CEO of the Americas Society and Council of the Americas in August 2003 after working in the private sector with Latin America and other emerging markets for over 30 years. A passionate supporter of Latin America, she joined the organizations to implement a new strategic plan to renew and return the Society and Council to their historic position. Prior to her current position, she was a founding partner of her own investment and advisory group focused primarily on Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic sector.

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Video: Larry Fink and Federico Sturzenegger at the 2017 Argentina Investment Conference

November 07, 2017

Argentina's October legislative elections marked a milestone that increased President Mauricio Macri's chances of reconfiguring the country's economy, said Sturzenegger....

Video: Panel on Argentina's Investment Outlook

November 07, 2017

The business community no longer questions whether inflation will fall, and is instead focused on the details of how it will continue to do so....

Video: Omar Gutiérrez, Gobernador de Neuquén

November 07, 2017

Las oportunidades de inversión energética en Vaca Muerta ya son una realidad, dijo el gobernador en una conferencia de AS/COA en Nueva York....

Download a PDF of the agenda. 

8:00 to 8:30 a.m.   Registration and Breakfast 

8:30 to 8:35 a.m.   Welcome Remarks

  • Susan Segal, President and CEO, Americas Society/Council of the Americas 

8:35 to 8:50 a.m.   Keynote address followed by a conversation                    

  • Federico Sturzenegger, President, Central Bank of Argentina

8:50 to 9:30 a.m.   A conversation with Federico Sturzenegger and Laurence D. Fink 

  • Federico Sturzenegger, President, Central Bank of Argentina 
  • Laurence D. Fink, Chairman and CEO, BlackRock 

9:30 to 10:30 a.m.   Argentina Investment Outlook 

  • Francisco Alvarez-Demalde, founder and managing partner of Riverwood Capital Partners
  • Katia Bouazza, Managing Director and Head of Latin America, Capital Financing, HSBC Securities (USA) Inc. 
  • Pablo Goldberg, Portfolio Manager and Senior Strategist for BlackRock's Emerging Market Debt Team 
  • Eduardo Elsztain, Chairman and CEO, IRSA
  • Marcelo Mindlin, Chairman and CEO, Pampa Energía
  • John Authers, Senior Investment Commentator, Financial Times (moderator) 

10:30 to 10:45 a.m.   Keynote address

  • Omar Gutierrez, Governor of the Province of Neuquén, Argentina 

10:45 a.m.   Closing Remarks