Weekly Chart: Colombia's Peace Process by the Numbers

By Holly K. Sonneland

With a peace deal closer than ever, we look at the facts and figures that have defined a half-century of armed conflict with the FARC.

Despite a missed March 23 deadline, Bogotá and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia are still hammering out the remaining points of a peace agreement at the Havana negotiating table. On May 12, the FARC, as the group is known, agreed to the terms of a plebiscite, the mechanism by which the final peace deal will be put to a vote before the Colombian people. Three days later, the rebel group agreed to release child soldiers from their ranks. With the plebiscite scheduled for some time in September 2016, only a few points remain unresolved on the agenda. Below, we look at the numbers that have defined more than 50 years of internal armed conflict, as well as the years of post-conflict rebuilding to come.