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The United States and Mexico: Towards a Strategic Partnership

February 06, 2009

There are few relationships that matter more to the United States—if any—than that with Mexico. The two countries share more than a border—they are bound together by shared challenges for the prosperity, security, and well-being of their citizens. As the United States seeks to redefine its role in the world, it is vital to start at home, with our neighbors.

The Woodrow Wilson Center is proud to present its new report, The United States and Mexico: Towards a Strategic Partnership, which looks at practical policy options in security cooperation, economic integration, immigration, and border management for forging a better relationship with Mexico.

AS/COA Senior Director of Policy Christopher Sabatini participated in the working group on U.S.-Mexico economic integration, one of the four working groups that came together to produce this report.

Download a PDF of this report.