Poll Update: Surveying U.S. Latinos in Swing States

By Carin Zissis

Hillary Clinton may poll well ahead with Latinos in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Nevada, but she still has to catch up to Barack Obama’s 2012 numbers. 

It’s fair to say that Latino voters don’t hold Donald Trump in the highest regard. As a July survey found, a full 77 percent of them have an unfavorable view of the candidate while 69 percent hold a positive view of his rival, Hillary Clinton. When it comes to the voting bloc in four crucial swing states—Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Nevada—Clinton leads by a sizeable margin

Still, Clinton’s numbers fall short of the 2012 Latino voter share President Barack Obama garnered in all four states, as our chart below shows. The difference might not be large, but every vote counts—particularly in Florida, where she faces a close battle against Trump come November 8.