Poll Tracker: Chile's Constitutional Referendum

By Chase Harrison

Ahead of the September 4 plebiscite, see where Chileans stand on approving or rejecting the new Magna Carta.

The hottest book in Chile these days? It’s the draft of the new Constitution, which is flying off the shelves as Chileans ready themselves for a September 4 referendum on whether that document should replace the country’s current Pinochet-era Constitution. 

Chile began its journey to a new foundational document back in a 2020 plebiscite in which 78 percent of citizens said they wanted a new constitution and that it should be written by an elected convention. After 10 months of deliberating, that Constitutional Convention produced an initial public draft on May 13 that proposed new rights around gender and the environment, a restructuring of the country’s governing institutions, and a recognition of Chile’s plurinational character. On July 4, the Convention produced its finalized draft, which weighs in at 388 articles. 

AS/COA Online looks at how the draft Constitution is polling.