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Lygia Pape/Geraldo De Barros

February 28, 2001

Lygia Pape is one of the founders of the Neoconcrete movement in Brazil in the 1950s. This was the first presentation of her pioneering abstract work to a US audience, and included the innovative cardboard book/sculpture/poem Book of Creation (1959) and the Neoconcrete Ballet (1959). The catalogue includes an essay on her work by Guy Brett.
2001. 24pp. 15 color and 5 b/w illustrations. ISBN 1-879128-24-1.

De Barros was one of the first abstract photographers in Brazil. His fotoformas of 1946-52, presented in this exhibition, reconstruct urban elements into a constructive fantasy of geometrical forms. The catalogue includes an essay by Adon Peres. 2001. 24pp. 9 b/w illustrations. ISBN 1-879128-23-3.