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Feliciano Centurión: Abrigo

Feliciano Centurion: Abrigo

February 14, 2020

Edited by Aimé Iglesias Lukin and Karen Marta, Feliciano Centurión: Abrigo is a fully illustrated pocket book released to accompany the same-titled exhibition at Americas Society. Centurión created textile works engaging with folk art and queer aesthetics in 1990s South America. Through the embroidery and painting of vernacular objects such as blankets and aprons, Centurión rendered poetic readings of his youth in Paraguay, his love experiences in the metropolis, and his spiritual reflections before his untimely death due to AIDS-related illness. Read the full pocket book here.

Learn more about the exhibition Feliciano Centurión: Abrigo at Americas Society.





Table of contents:

  • Foreword by Susan Segal
  • Abrigo by Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro
  • South American Jungle Tales by Aimé Iglesias Lukin
  • Exhibition Checklist
  • Exhibition History
  • Bibliography

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