Chart: A Breakdown of Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico

By Elizabeth Gonzalez

Which Mexican states and industries receive the most FDI? We look at the numbers.

With its proximity to the world’s largest economy and a vast trade network of its own, Mexico is a top destination for foreign direct investment in Latin America, second only to Brazil. In 2018, the country received $31.6 billion in FDI, with nearly half of it coming from its North American trade partners. In fact, the five countries that invest the most all have free-trade agreements with Mexico, where a bulk of FDI goes to the manufacturing industry, though investments in the energy and finance sectors attract billions as well.

As AS/COA prepares to host its 2019 Mexico City conference on May 22, focused on the investment agenda of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, we break down where FDI stands today.