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Chart: A Breakdown of Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico

May 16, 2019

Canadians are investing in Mexico's energy sector, and the Spanish in its finance and insurance industry. @El_iG breaks down the latest figures on FDI in Mexico.
$31.9 billion = FDI in Mexico, 2014–18 annual average; $26.8 billion = FDI in Mexico, 2004–08 annual average

With its proximity to the world’s largest economy and a vast trade network of its own, Mexico is a top destination for foreign direct investment in Latin America, second only to Brazil. In 2018, the country received $31.6 billion in FDI, with nearly half of it coming from its North American trade partners. In fact, the five countries that invest the most all have free-trade agreements with Mexico, where a bulk of FDI goes to the manufacturing industry, though investments in the energy and finance sectors attract billions as well.

As AS/COA prepares to host its 2019 Mexico City conference on May 22, focused on the investment agenda of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, we break down where FDI stands today.