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Bloomberg: Eric Farnsworth, "We Are Threatened to Go Back to the Days before NAFTA"

May 31, 2019

AS/COA Vice President, Eric Farnsworth, talked to Bloomberg Surveillance podcast about U.S. President Donald Trump's proposal to impose tariffs on Mexico.  He says the U.S. is going down a path that requires Mexico to react negatively. "My main concern is that Mexico is going to begin to see its own political interest, no longer to cooperate with the United States, and to return to a day before NAFTA when the cooperation was episodic at best and the relationship was quite cool." He explained that "NAFTA in 1994 fundamentally changed that and we really are threatened to go back to those days where one of our closest neighbors is in a very cool relationship with us. I think that would be an economic, social, and a foreign policy disaster."

Listen to the full interview.