Young Filmmakers in New York: Collective Visions Screening

Watch a conversation between filmmakers featured in the Americas Society exhibition This Must Be the Place.


  • Fred Pérez, Young Filmmaker
  • Alfonso Pagan, Young Filmmaker
  • Linda Rivera, Young Filmmaker
  • Michael Jacobsohn, Young Filmmaker
  • Bruce Spiegel, Professor
  • Jessica Gordon-Burroughs (moderator)

Participants in the Young Filmmakers Foundation (YFF)—the community convened by experimental Chilean filmmaker Jaime Barrios— gathered virtually for a digital screening of their films and a conversation about their work in connection with Americas Society's exhibition This Must Be the Place: Latin American Artists in New York, 1965–1975.

Bruce Spiegel, who taught 16mm filmmaking told about his experience starting a filmmaking club in Barrios' home. "Filmmaking club is great. You see the physicality of making movies," he said. "You can touch the film, you can splice it and make things happen. Kids really responded to that," he said.