Video: YPA Gastrodiplomacy – Peruvian Brothers

Sibling chefs Mario and Giuseppe Lanzone taught YPA how to make pisco, quinoa salad, and lomo saltado in a webex cooking class.

Young Professionals of the Americas (YPA) spent the evening cooking with the Peruvian Brothers, Chefs Mario and Giuseppe Lanzone, in what was YPA's first Gastrodiplomacy Series event. The brothers recently opened a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Washington, DC, after seven years running a food truck fleet.

The pair started the class by making a classic Peruvian pisco sour, followed by a quinoa salad, and then a lomo saltado as the main course. A vegetable saltado was also made for those who prefer a meatless option. These dishes represent a cuisine called comida criolla, which has Andean, Iberian, African, and Asian influences. According to the Peruvian Brothers, the cuisine only gets tastier when you combine all those cultures. Those who registered in the Washington area received a food kit with ingredients.