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Video: Panel on Corporate Leadership in the Americas at #BRAVObiz 2017

Friday, November 3, 2017


  • Jorge Becerra, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group 
  • Fernando González, CEO, CEMEX
  • Damián Scokin, CEO,
  • César Cernuda, President, Microsoft Latin America (moderator)

Technology is about changing the culture of a company, said Microsoft's César Cernuda on a panel about how the private sector is adapting to the digital age at the 2017 Council of the Americas Symposium. The question is not about the "what" or the "why", but the "how" and "when," he added. Cernuda talked with the panelists about their leadership experience in transforming business models in Latin America. Fernando González from CEMEX said his company has adapted to the new digital environment by changing the way it makes business deals with the Latin American market.'s Damián Scokin said his first challenge as a CEO is to make the entire company feel it needs to evolve. Jorge Becerra explained how the situation is changing in Latin America and said that innovation often comes from emerging markets and not necessarily countries like the United States. Becerra also noted that large corporations are not as successful in incorporating disruptive technologies and are starting to understand they might not be able to do this on their own.