Video: Behind Walls of Air at Americas Society

By Luisa Leme

The four architects who curated the exhibition explain how their data maps show visible and invisible walls that both built and divided Brazil.

Walls of Air: The Brazilian Pavilion at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale arrived at Americas Society depicting the complex relationship between people and urbanization in Brazil. The exhibition maps contemporary Brazil beyond its frontiers and brings the conversation proposed at the architecture event to a wider audience.

"We decided to inquire about the idea of free space in Brazil by researching the opposite: What prevents Brazil from being free?" explains Gabriel Kozlowski, one of the four architects curating the exhibition. The ten maps address topics ranging from immigration to climate change to housing, and the curators say the research exercise could be applied to other countries in Latin America and the world.

At Americas Society, the work was expanded with a video that gathers interviews with experts who are part of an interdisciplinary group of over 200 experts who provided data and research for the maps.

"We believe this is perhaps the perfect place to actually show this research project because the Americas Society and the Council of the Americas have been doing a great job in broadening this dialogue between the Latin American countries," says Laura González Fierro another co-curator of the project.

Video by Luisa Leme.
Exhibition photography by Beatriz Meseguer/On White Wall.
Soundtrack by Hermeto Pascoal and 
Cliff KormanPerformed at a Music of the Americas event in New York.