Video: Art at a Distance — Promoting Visual Arts during the Health Crisis

From 9/11 to the  to the 2009 financial crisis to COVID-19, editors and critics of leading visual arts media discussed how arts institutions can adapt and find new purpose during crisis.


  • Sandra Antelo-Suarez, Ibero America, Spain & Portugal, Artforum @Artforum
  • Dorothée Dupuis, Director and Chief Editor, Terremoto, @terremoto_mx
  • Hrag Vartanian, Editor-in-chief and Co-Founder, Hyperallergic @Hyperallergic @hragv
  • Aimé Iglesias Lukin, Director and Chief Curator of Visual Arts at Americas Society (moderator) @Visual_ArtsAS

COVID-19 is affecting cultural institutions across the Americas, but experts and critics participating in a virtual panel organized by Americas Society on April 16 said art institutions can find new ways to build community and opportunities in times of crisis. While Dorothée Dupuis said that newer publications such as Terremoto are having to rethink their format and opt to not print their upcoming issue due to financial constrains, Hrag Vartanian explained his team "is used to crisis" as they founded Hyperallergic in 2009. Artforum's Sandra Antelo-Suarez described how art institutions had to be creative and contriubuted to lifting New York real estate values after 9/11, as well as how art in the Americas have previously been affected by disparities in the editorial process.

Dupuis explained that art publications which already had a successful digital strategy are benefiting from the crisis, and the group discussed how gallery openings and museums might adopt different positions when it comes to access. "It's really curious to see why some institutions have decided to open up now. So much of this content could easily have been online for a long time," said Vartanian.

As Artishock's Alejandra Villasmil could not join the panel live, you can watch her participation here.