BRAVO & YPA: A Conversation with Gaston Irigoyen, Co-Founder & CEO of Pomelo

The Argentine CEO spoke about entrepreneurship, innovation, and the future of fintech in Latin America.


  • Gaston Irigoyen, Co-founder and CEO, Pomelo
  • Ana Cristina Gadala-Maria, Principal, QED Investors
  • Maria Lourdes Teran, Vice President, AS/COA Miami

In a BRAVO Leadership Forum conversation, Pomelo's Gaston Irigoyen spoke with QED Investors' Ana Cristina Gadala-Maria on fintech in Latin America. "We need to power the region with an infrastructure that allows for different parties to build more and better financial services so people can make a better use of their money," said Irigoyen.

Irigoyen explained that Pomelo's challenge was to build an infrastructure in which businesses could expand seamlessly and serve the entire region. "I think that's the real opportunity and the real motivation for us which is: How do we help the entire region to make progress," said Irigoyen.

Gadala-Maria also asked about the challenges of entrepreneurship in Latin America. Start-ups often get talented workers but lack the funding to pay and manage them in Latin America. "It is absolutely critical to find talent and to give them a framework," said Irigoyen.