BRAVO Symposium: The Rise of AI—A Catalyst for Business Transformation

Leaders spoke about how artificial intelligence can advance business and humanity at the 2023 COA Symposium and 28th BRAVO Business Awards.


  • Paula Goldman, Chief Ethical and Humane Use Officer, Salesforce 
  • Sebastian Barrios, Senior Vice President of Technology, Mercado Libre 
  • Ana Lucia Magliano, Executive Vice-President, Services, Latin America and the Caribbean, Mastercard
  • Peter Pessoa, Managing Director & Partner, Miami, BCG (moderator)

"What business really needs to focus on is the here and now," said Paula Goldman of Salesforce at the 2023 COA Symposium and 28th BRAVO Business Awards. On a panel entitled "The Rise of AI—A Catalyst for Business Transformation," she explained that she did not want to discount the seismic  potential of artificial intelligence in the future but that the priority should be "the management of the risks in interactions particularly with generative AI right now.”

As artificial intelligence technology advances, the panelists spoke about the biggest risks, misconceptions, and opportunities. For Mastercard's Ana Lucia Magliano, regulation and guiding principles are key to success and to upscaling the technology responsibly. "Once you have guardrails, then you can spur innovation," she said. Moderator Peter Pessoa of BCG agreed, adding that "the idea shouldn’t be zero risk. Measured risks, he said, are the way forward. 

For Mercado Libre's Sebastian Barrios, the most exciting AI application for his company involves, "how these new ways of [human-AI] interaction can transform how you shop," mentioning specifically the concept of a co-pilot, which guides your online purchasing experience, and its application to e-commerce and fintech.

Panelists turned to the importance of talent in this section. "To mitigate the risks of AI, you need to empower your people," explained Goldman. "It'’s all about AI and people together.”