AI and Workforce Development: Shaping the Future of Learning in Central America

AS/COA hosted a on-the-record virtual roundtable on the future of education and skilling in Central America, in partnership with Portafolio Inmobiliario.


  • Paula Bogantes, Minister of Science, Innovation and Technology, Costa Rica
  • Alejandro Anderlic, Head of Government Affairs and Public Policy for Latin America, Salesforce
  • Jean García Periche, President, GENIA
  • Ineke Geesink, Country Manager, Microsoft Costa Rica
  • John Keith, President, Portafolio Inmobiliario
  • Dr. Ellen Rose, Executive Director, Texas Tech University
  • Ragnhild Melzi, Vice President, Public Policy Programs and Corporate Relations, AS/COA 

"The technological landscape is truly evolving fast, and the intersection of AI with education is not just about the future. It's actually imminent right now, and we are already evidencing how students are embracing AI through their daily tasks, their daily habits," said Ineke Geesink of Microsoft Costa Rica in a virtual roundtable on the future of education and skilling in Central America through the lens of artificial intelligence, digital innovation, and workforce development. 

In an event convened as part of AS/COA's Digital & Data Governance Series, speakers examined innovative AI-driven solutions for educational challenges, shared best practices, and charted a path forward for leveraging AI in the workplace to meet the evolving needs of the region's workforce. 

Alejandro Anderlic of Salesforce emphasized the crucial role of the private sector in advocating for the responsible and inclusive use of AI in education. "We have to advocate with students and the community for a trustworthy, ethical, responsible, and inclusive use of technology. The private sector can make a relevant contribution, [making sure] that technology is used for good," he said. 

During the roundtable, AS/COA hosted the Minister of Science, Innovation, and Technology of Costa Rica Paula Bogantes for an interview with Dr. Ellen Rose of Texas Tech University. Bogantes highlighted the importance of Costa Rica's best practices in including AI and other innovations at the government level. "The private industry is leading the way in AI development. And we have to ensure we enhance public-private collaboration," she said. 

"The topic of AI is definitely the most important discussion of our times—even of our species—if you take the historical importance of what it means to create technology with cognitive capabilities," added Jean García of GENIA.