2021 #BRAVObiz: Susan Segal's Opening Remarks

The president and CEO of AS/COA previewed the four speakers of the 26th anniversary COA Symposium and celebrated 18 months of the BRAVO Business series.

In her opening remarks at the 26th Anniversary COA Symposium, AS/COA president and CEO Susan Segal commended speaker Manny Medina—the 2021 BRAVO Business Visionary CEO of the Year honoree—for founding eMerge Americas, which helped establish Miami as a tech hub in the Americas and has had a $1.36 billion cumulative economic impact on Florida and backed more than 7,000 jobs. Supporting that growth is fellow speaker Francis Suarez, whom she noted was reelected to a second four-year term as mayor of Miami just ten days ago with 79 percent of the vote. Next, Segal highlighted the achievements of the following symposium speakers—Cristina Palmaka and Blanca Treviño, two pioneering female leaders in Latin America’s tech and IT industries, noting how each has promoted strategic innovation in emerging markets.

Segal also took the time to thank sponsors and her team for a remarkable year and a half of the BRAVO Business series as it continues to work to connect the Americas.