2021 #BRAVObiz: Cristina Palmaka and Blanca Treviño

The president of SAP Latin America & Caribbean and the CEO of Softtek talk at the 26th Anniversary COA Symposium about technology's role in business.


  • Blanca Treviño, CEO, Softtek
  • Cristina Palmaka, President, SAP Latin America & Caribbean

"We are not going back to the way it was," said Softtek CEO Blanca Treviño about clients adopting digital processes during the pandemic. "COVID-19 created an awareness of how important the role technology plays to move forward," she continued at the 26th Anniversary COA Symposium in Miami.

"Everybody talks about data, but we need to know how to orchestrate it," said SAP Latin America & Caribbean President Cristina Palmaka. "It is most important to frame what you want to solve then embed the technology behind it," she said on digital solutions for working remotely.