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2019 #BRAVObiz: Building a Customer-Centric Enterprise

Friday, October 25, 2019


  • Paula Bellizia, Vice President – Sales, Marketing and Operations for Latin America, Microsoft
  • Fernando González, CEO, CEMEX
  • Erika Herrero, CEO, Belcorp
  • Claudio Muruzabal, President, SAP Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Paula Santilli, CEO, Latin America PepsiCo
  • José Manuel Rodríguez, Anchor and Senior Correspondent, CNN en Español (moderator)

With access to more information than ever before, customers are significantly more empowered, increasingly demanding, and holding businesses to higher standards. That's why having a growth mindset should be at the center of company culture, said Microsoft's Paula Bellizia in a panel at twenty-fifth annual Council of the Americas Symposium in Miami. Engaging customers early in the innovation process is also key, Belcorp's Erika Herrero said, highlighting, “We create an obsession in the organization to listen to the consumer’s needs.” Another way to innovate, offered SAP's Claudio Muruzabal, is to create parallel company boards comprising millennials that facilitate cross-pollination in coming up with solutions.

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