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Video: São Paulo 2012: Trade Facilitation Brazil-USA Panel

August 16, 2012

During AS/COA's 2012 São Paulo conference, a panel including former Brazilian Central Bank President Henrique Meirelles and Brazil's secretary of foreign trade explored the U.S.-Brazil trade relationship....

Slideshow: A Tour of Mining in Chile

August 16, 2012

In this slideshow, AS/COA takes you on a tour of Chile's mining operations, as well as plans for how to increase the country's stretched labor capacity in the coming years....

Slideshow: Romanticismo Inca en Nueva York - Los Incas Franceses

August 15, 2012

Revista COSAS Perú relata la historia del papel panorámico “Les Incas,” un fascinante tesoro que alberga el "Incas Room" en el edificio de la Sociedad de las Américas....

Video: Latin America's Vote in the UN Resolution on Syria

August 03, 2012

COA's Eric Farnsworth speaks with Al Jazeera about why certain Latin American countries voted against the UN resolution on Syria....

Video: The Death of Cuban Activist Oswaldo Payá

July 27, 2012

AS/COA's Christopher Sabatini discusses the Cuban activist's legacy, saying that while the movement for political dialogue in Cuba will continue, it will be hard to replace Payá's charismatic leadership. (en español)...

Video: Aurelio de la Vega

June 29, 2012

On June 29th, Americas Society hosted Cuban composer Aurelio de la Vega for an evening of his music....

Video: Presidential Impeachment in Paraguay

June 29, 2012

While the presidential impeachment in Paraguay followed a constitutional process, it "violated the spirit of the law because the president was denied his rights to due process," AS/COA's Christophe...

Video: Smart Cities - Guadalajara

June 26, 2012

AS/COA presented a panel discussion on plans to make Guadalajara the site of Ciudad Creativa Digital, a creative, digital, and entertainment industry hub in Latin America....

Video: Los Chantas at Make Music New York

June 21, 2012

Los Chantas performs live during Music of the Americas participation in Make Music New York....