10:00 to 11:00 am ET



The Speakers

North America After NALS: What Comes Next?

Council of the Americas and the Woodrow Wilson Center's Mexico Institute will review the January 10 North American Leaders Summit with a panel of experts.

10:00 to 11:00 am ET



The Speakers


Is North America merely a collection of bilateral relationships or is there a larger, more compelling regional agenda? What was discussed at the North American Leaders' Summit in Mexico and what were the outcomes? Can implementation the summit's commitments be assured?  And what does it all mean for the regional trade and commercial agenda?

We are delighted to invite you to hear from a spectacular line up of speakers from Canada, Mexico, and the United States, with literally decades of senior level government and business experience on North American issues, to bring clarity to these pressing matters. 


  • Louise Blais, Former United Nations Deputy Permanent Representative, Canada; Senior Advisor, Business Council of Canada
  • Peter M. Boehm, Senator and Chair, Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada
  • Eric Farnsworth, Former White House Senior Advisor to the Special Envoy for the Americas
  • Jose Antonio Meade, Former Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Secretary of Social Development, Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Secretary of Energy, Mexico
  • Luz María de la Mora, Former Undersecretary for Foreign Trade, Mexico 
  • Vanessa Rubio, Former Senator and Undersecretary of Finance and Public Credit, Mexico 
  • Earl Anthony (Tony) Wayne, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs; Former Ambassador to Mexico

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Louise Blais
Former Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Canada

Ambassador Louise Blais was Canada’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York from 2017-2021.  During this time since, she also served as Vice President on UNICEF’s Executive Board.

Louise Blais began her professional career as an Art Theft Analyst at...

Peter M. Boehm
Senator, Canada

Senator Peter M. Boehm holds a Ph.D in History from the University of Edinburgh, a Master of Arts in International Affairs from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University, and a Bachelor of Arts in English and History from Wilfrid Laurier...

Eric Farnsworth
Vice President, AS/COA, Washington

Eric Farnsworth leads the Washington office of the Council of the Americas and the Americas Society with a passion for promoting the importance of the Western Hemisphere for U.S. economic, security, and strategic interests.  A recognized expert, he maintains an important policy...

José Antonio Meade
Former Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Mexico

José Antonio Meade is a former Secretary of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico. Previously, he has served as Secretary of Social Development, Foreign Affairs, and Energy. Within the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit he has served as Undersecretary of Finance (tax), Chief...

Luz María de la Mora
Former Under Secretary for Foreign Trade, Mexico

Luz María de la Mora holds a PhD in Political Science from Yale University, a master's degree in International Political Economy from Carleton University, in Canada, and a bachelor's degree in International Relations from El Colegio de Mexico (COLMEX). She also has a diploma in...

Vanessa Rubio-Márquez
Associate Dean for Extended Education, School of Public Policy, LSE

Vanessa Rubio-Márquez had a 25 year long career in Mexico’s public service, including serving as Senator and three times Deputy Minister (Finance -first woman in history at the job; Social Development; and Foreign Affairs). She held every position in the public sector ladder, has...

Earl Anthony Wayne
Distinguished Diplomat in Residence, School of International Service, American University

Earl Anthony Wayne is a Distinguished Diplomat in Residence at American University’s School of International Service and Advisory Board Co-Chair of the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute.   

Ambassador Wayne served as a US diplomat from 1975 to 2015, including as the U.S...